ERIC13 Custom Guitar Plectrum 3 Pack

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Image of ERIC13 Custom Guitar Plectrum 3 Pack

3 Pack of ERIC13 Official Guitar Plectrum

This limited run of picks was designed by bassist BRENT ASHLEY of Combichrist, as a birthday gift for ERIC13.

It's a 2 sided pick with ERIC's hand drawn "#13" logo on one side. The other side has Eric's autograph with the Combichrist logo. It's a heavy gauge (1.0) pick and it also glows in the dark! Created during the Combichrist 2014 European Tour.

Says Eric: "These are my personal picks, and were a gift from a friend. But so many people asked for them, I had to share. Enjoy!"

Buyer gets three (3) brand new picks. Photo is of multiple picks for display purposes only.